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Compound, Concentrate's & Coffee.
Congratulations Ct 19th Recreational Cannabis State - July 1st 2021 (Bill Signing Here)

68 Genre of Multilingual Music 24/7 from The Compound, Orange Ct..

Donator's & Supporter's of CC&C..

Dank Fung/Dank Vape Tech 20% Off Use Discount Code: CTMMJ20: For the love of the flower..

Great Mind's Coffee Roaster's Mention Us 10% Discount: Fine people and a great product highly recommended by CC&C.

Pass TheGlass Gallery Smoke Shop Studio and Supplies Mention Us 15 to 40% Discount depending on purchase 1 of our longest running Sponsor's.

Puff City Mention Us 10% Discount: 1 Stop Vape Shop.

Dank Dug's Mention Us 15% Long time Sponsor.

Nerd Fuel Coffee - 30% Off Use Our Discount Code = (WB9H5P6R2Z) : Welcome Back Nerd Coffee.


Raising the Bar

Painted Heart
Morning Paper

Compound, Concentrates & Coffee Critique's.

Roaster's Want Your Brand Critiqued Live?

Great Minds Coffee Roasters Oakville, Ct ☕

Great Minds Coffee Roasters Kenya AB Critique.

Kenya AB Mugaya

Origin: Kenya


Milling Process: Washed

Roast Level: Light/Medium

Tasting Notes: Creamy, yet Crisp with a Fruit aftertaste. not overbearing or heavy on the mouthfeel

Aroma - 4.2
Mouth Feel - 4.5
Flavor - 4.3
Color - 4.5
Freshness - 5

Great Minds Website - ☕


Kapheen Coffee..

Critique of the Bali Blue,  Medium Roast Whole Bean.

Official Facebook: Kapheen Coffee.

3/20/23 Coffee Corner:

Aroma - 3 out of 5 With a Toffee style aroma.

Acidity - 3 out of 5 With a balanced acidity.

Body - 4 out of 5 With a full, rich body.

Flavor - 3 out of 5 With a nut and chocolate notes.

Aftertaste - 3 out of 5 With a semi sweet aftertaste. not bitter at all as a black cup of Coffee.



CC&C 2022/23 Meet & Greet's.

Up Coming Locations

Our Meet & Greet's: We go to Pizza places and see many faces on our dime.

Pizza provided by Us, You just come say Hi and have a Slice or 2 at the next announced Location.

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