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Trivia Challenge: Team Facebook ver Team YouTube..

Each day, as the broadcast continues. Team Facebook and Team YouTube are called into action as the Trivia Challenge gets underway. This Challenge, that has become a monumental event pitting the teams in a battle of skill, wit's and even insult's but in a good way lol that make both sides break out in laughter as they are tossed about and even players sometimes, invade the other's stream to make a comment or joke then disappear back to the respective sides. Started as just a random question posed here and there to fill some time during CC&C is now something that all participants involved look forward to. some, coming into the broadcast often asking if they had missed that day's Challenge..

In what, has been a back and forth. Both Teams, have taken the lead on the amount of shut-out's however Team YouTube recently has taken 2 within a 24 hour time period..

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