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Why people love watching CC&C


Compound, Concentrate's & Coffee hearkens back to a time in traditional radio where the local Dj would always take requests from listeners as well as hold give a ways, and call in contests. Now, some time later it is this, but with a twist. The Ct Medical Marijuana Critic has hit upon a medium that was once thriving however had become slow, stagnant and stale and with his unique eclectic and quirky style is reinventing the wheel of radio and MTV married into one. viewers each and every day click on Compound, Concentrate's & Coffee's LIVE Video Feed to see what he has in store, in things like News Of The Weed, The Music Minute, The Movie Moment, The Coffee Corner plus the constant flow of new and innovative music in 68 Genre of Multilingual Music and the 8,522 Tracks available at his fingertips...

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